February savage friends who kill your days memes, images, pictures, photo, pics
Your mom is a CiA agent savage
Mom: having heart attack
Me: calls 911
Mon: (faintly) you always on that phone…
Image 11
Never accept the strangers friends request on Facebook.
Why use Google, when Jesus has all the answers?
Not gonna ask Jesus where to find midget porn…
Savage Mom
Lmaoo his mom’s a savage
When you’re mom really on fun mood but you can’t control her.
Savage AF???
Never ask your friend about him girl friend because he is such a savage.
Memes 10
Straight savage
If you’re son is savage also he is student but you can’t control him…
Memes 9
Your on a mood to to kill your best friend with dirty conversation but she doesn’t know what you think.
Memes 8

If you ask your girlfriend a hot pictures of her (you)
Then she really wants you to show how hot she’s.
Never chat with savage girlfriend for ever.
Picture 9
You just literally Said hi to you but he is really knows who are you then ⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰ Rip to you
Picture 1
Picture 2
Can you fullfill my dream and Photoshop me into space?
Picture 3
Can someone Photoshop me to the starboy cover please it’s for a school project
Picture 4
When someone stole your phone number from your girl friend mobile and start conversation with you
Picture 5
You are in very urgent to pay your house rent.
Your asking favor on your friend.
But he isn’t in helping mood.
Meme 6
You’re dating on online so you asked to send some
Hot photos for you.
But you finally got f**king Image from your online Savage dude.
Pics 7
When you’re in long relationship but your friend want to date with you.

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