How to Block and Mute and Report Tweet or Twitter Account

Most of the time people’s are mad in social network, some they will post creepy and irritating tweets even most of the celebrities and politicians tweet this kind of shit lot’s of time but we don’t want that annoying tweets so you can simple do this steps for either reporting the tweet or blocking the tweet or Mute the tweet. In this method you can report both tweet and user even you can report a blue tick(Verified Account) person. Because most of the irritating tweets are came from the blue tick people’s. Twitter will block the account either it’s verified or non-verified account, when it receive more report from the people.Report Block and Mute Tweet or Twitter Account.

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How To Report the Tweet and Twitter Account

For reporting the tweet first what you have to do is, first select the tweet you are going to report to the twitter. Then now just select the down arrow icon in either your smartphone or website. Now select the option called report tweet. Once you are selected the option new window will open and then it will ask you to select the option, why you are reporting this tweet. There is 3 option like below:
How to Block and Mute and Report Tweet or Twitter Account
Help us understand the problem. What is going on with this Tweet?
1. I’m not interested in this Tweet
2. It’s spam
3. It’s abusive or harmful

how to report the tweet and twitter account

Now you can select the reason what ever you want to report the tweet. once select it will report the tweet successfully and you will get confirmation like this:

how to report the tweet success

How to block someone account in twitter

This is also same way how you reported the tweet. First you have to select the down arrow of the tweet or person profile and then now you can see the option called block @someone. Now you need to select that person and click block @someone that’s it now you will see the confirmation message in twitter notification page.
How to Report block and mute tweet in twitter

How to mute anyone tweet and twitter account

If you felt irritated because of the some stupid always tweets and you’re getting lots of notification from only one person then you can go to the option called mute so you can’t see the tweet notification from the person, alos it won’t show all the tweets in your page so if you want to see all the tweets then you need to visit the person profile for seeing the tweets. You can mute the by just selecting the down arrow option and click mute @person. That’s it.

How to Report block and mute tweet in twitter


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