Create Video Maker FX Full Version Using XAMPP


Create Video Maker FX Full Version Using XAMPP

1. First Download and Install XAMPP Apache service from official website

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2. Then Download and extract the Video Maker Fx .zip file (you can download it on website)

3. Then create a folder called VMFX and move your file inside the folder.

4. now Copy the authentication file CheckAuth.php from the VMFX sub folder.

5. Then paste it to the C:xampphtdocs (Replace “C” drive with your OS installed Drive)

6. Now move to C:WindowsSystem32Driversetc (Replace “C” drive with your OS installed Drive) and now open hosts file with notepad or Notepad++(Make sure you don’t open XAMPP while editing hosts file,If open quit it from system tray)
(note: when you open xampp server close and quit your skype connection because XAMPP sever also used same port which is skype using)

Then type the below given tags just inside the notepad below the ending point of the above text in the hosts file

# added below for video maker FX

7. After that save the Hosts file.

8. Now you can open XAMPP server and click on Start button next to Apache service.

9. Then open  a Video Maker Fx and type username and password like given below

Username : i1o0

Password  : i1o0

10. And now Video Maker FX will be ready to create animations.

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How to Create Video Maker FX Full Version Using XAMPP.



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